Miss Israel 2014 Finalists

Miss Israel 2014 finals will featured on March 4, 2014 at the Convention Center in Haifa. Total 20 finalists will compete for the prestigious crown, the new queen of Miss Israel 2014.

The final round of Miss Israel 2014 or Malkat Hayofi Israel 2014 is planned to be taken place on March 4, 2014 with the participation of 20 finalists selected all around the country.

The winner of the pageant will be chosen and she may be the official representative of Israel to compete in world pageant 2014 - Miss World 2014 which is scheduled to be organized in London of England in November.

Under which, the first runner-up may represent country at the Miss Universe 2014 to be held in Brazil and the sencond runner-up may represent country to compete in Miss Earth 2014 later this year.

Check out 20 contestants at the final of Miss Israel 2014 planned on March, 4:

  • Almog_Hadad_Miss_Israel_2014_finalists_01
  • Amit_Harari_Miss_Israel_2014_finalists_01
  • Aviva_Azran_Miss_Israel_2014_finalists_01
  • Chen_Tzohar_Miss_Israel_2014_finalists_01
  • Coral_Peres_Miss_Israel_2014_finalists_01
  • Danielle_Azoulay_Miss_Israel_2014_finalists_01
  • Daria_Lee_Miss_Israel_2014_finalists_01
  • Doron_Matalon_Miss_Israel_2014_finalists_01
  • Eden_Paz_Miss_Israel_2014_finalists_01
  • Efrat_Vahaba_Miss_Israel_2014_finalists_01
  • May_Shir_Igawa_Miss_Israel_2014_finalists_01
  • Mor_Maman_Miss_Israel_2014_finalists_01
  • Natalie_Prepelitzki_Miss_Israel_2014_finalists_01
  • Nell_Zauber_Miss_Israel_2014_finalists_01
  • Noy_Hodeda_Miss_Israel_2014_finalists_01
  • Sasha_Alexsandra_Shuturov_Miss_Israel_2014_finalists_01
  • Shani_Illouz_Miss_Israel_2014_finalists_01
  • Tamar_Skorsirb_Miss_Israel_2014_finalists_01
  • Tia_Galili_Miss_Israel_2014_finalists_01
  • Yarin_Sabag_Miss_Israel_2014_finalists_01

Photo source: Miss Israel 2014 (Malkat Hayofi) on facebook